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Are you looking for a logo and/or branding for your business?

Would you like to get your brand image right from day one and design it so that it is able to grow with your business – so that it will be just as relevant when your business has grown as it is from day one?

Are you looking for a first class graphic design solution but you’re nervous about the price tag?

Carolyn Hammond Art (that’s me by the way) provides cost effective graphic design solutions to small businesses and new business start-ups.

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Often, branding isn’t really thought through by small businesses and start-ups. It’s something that is viewed as the domain of big businesses with deep pockets. This need not be the case.

For me, branding is a big part of the success of any business. Your brand identity should permeate everything you do. It’s not just about a logo on your headed paper or business card, or some vehicle signage. It’s about everything you do as a company and it conveys far more than shapes and colours.

Take a moment to think about some famous brand images… take British Rail for example. There is no need for words or descriptions to accompany the image. Just seeing the symbol on a road sign means that you can access transport services provided by British Rail nearby and the sign also conveys to you what you can expect to find at a railway station, in terms of services etc. This is a famous example but there are others… Virgin Atlantic, BA, the Body Shop etc.. All famous brands who have invested heavily in their brand image to the extent that every customer touch point is covered.

Now, I’m not suggesting here that you, as a small business start up, should be making huge investments on this scale when your considering your brand logo. However, I am suggesting that you give it more thought than perhaps you were intending. What if you end up as big as the Body Shop, BA or Virgin Atlantic? Will you’re logo grow with you? How would it look on every customer touch point?

The above are just some things to consider when ‘branding’ your business and another key factor is working with the right person/people to produce your design.

Talk to me today, let’s see if we could work together to produce something truly magical for your business with the aim that it will stand the test of time and the growth of your business… after all, you want your investment to last don’t you?

If you’d like to talk through your ideas with me before you sign-up, just call me on: 07799782333, or send me a message.


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