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Giclee Prints - Handling and Care

All prints are printed onto acid free, archival paper (and canvas) using pigment based inks - this ensures your prints are lightfast, stable and printed to the highest quality. It is recommended that you treat your prints with the greatest of care and following these guidelines:

  1. Avoid touching the paper unless you are wearing cotton gloves to avoid the acid/oils from your fingertips marking or being absorbed into the paper/canvas.
  2. Try to avoid dents and creases in the paper, as these can be very difficult/impossible to remove later.
  3. Avoid hanging work in direct sunlight and, where possible, use non-reflective glass to protect the artwork.
  4. To ensure a long life span for your print, it is recommended that you use archival materials for mount boards, backing and spacers and use conservation or museum level framing.
  5. Ideal storage conditions for your final canvas or paper print should be in an environment controlled for both humidity and temperature. Ideal environmental conditions are 70 degrees and 55% humidity. High humidity can cause yellowing. Keep all giclee prints away from solvent-based materials, such as oil paints and linseed oil as the vapors can cause yellowing.
  6. Stretched pieces should be stored upright, not stacked and all prints should be interleaved with archival paper dividers.
  7. Avoid tape coming into contact with the coated print as it can peel.

Information provided courtesy of:  Ironbridge Fine Art & Framing