Stress Management / Art Therapy Workshop

A FREE 2 hour virtual stress management / art therapy workshop. No skills required and no special equipment. Just you, some paper and just a biro (as a minimum).

Using pens and pencils to mark make is something we all do, instinctively, at times of stress. How many times have you been engaged in a challenging phone call or meeting and found yourself doodling? If’s something we do naturally and is a safe way to relieve stress. The activity is effective because it takes our mind away from the source of the stress and helps to neutralise the effects. A skill we all need at the moment, and in life generally.

A lot of my work starts of as simple shapes and marks and it ends up having a life of its own…. who knows where practicing art at this level could take you!

In advance of the workshop, you will receive a guide, just to help outline the shape of the session… it will be relaxed.

The workshop will take place on: Thursday 25th February, 2021 @ 6pm.

I will be guiding the group activity, but also intend working 1:1 with each participant, so that you can have direct guidance and feedback if needed. I hoe this will make it feel a little more special and interactive.

The workshop is filling up fast. It will comprise of just 10 people… keeping it small and relaxed.

Just contact me for further details and to be added to the list.