About me...

Some background info

Carolyn was born and raised in West Wales but has lived in Germany and London. She is currently based in rural Shropshire and splits her time between the creative pursuits of art and writing.

With a business background, supported by a degree and many years of experience gained at Executive level, Carolyn is able to support and provide mentoring services to businesses (large and small). She is also able to craft optimised web content to help businesses maximise their online potential within the search engine results pages. When providing 'written word services', Carolyn works under the iCloudWriter banner.

"I have a particular interest and passion for helping fellow creatives get started online... I recognise the challenges in terms of budget and time in investing in this and enjoy helping, no matter what stage a business is at..."


Artistically, Carolyn is currently at an experimental stage and enjoys exploring mixed media. Part of Carolyn's time is spent extending her skills as a graphic illustrator and she also designs bespoke brand logos.

All good things start with a chat...

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