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about Carolyn Hammond

Carolyn Hammond is a mixed-media Artist and Graphic Designer based in the West Midlands.

In addition to producing original art and photographic prints, Carolyn works with businesses to produce and extend their brand image to every customer touch-point. She has worked as an Enterprise Mentor under the Government’s Enterprise Allowance Scheme (and now works as an Independent Business Mentor), helping small business start-ups set solid foundations for their future. She particularly loves working with fellow creatives, in every field, who need help with the fundamentals of their businesses. 

As an artist, Carolyn produces mixed media pieces and is currently working on a number of different styles.

Our services.

"From the first point of contact my aim is to understand your needs. Whether you are a residential customer looking for a bespoke art solution, or a small business start-up looking for guidance on where to go next, your journey and needs are unique. Starting from this point means that you get a tailored solution which is fit for your purpose."
Logo Design

Cost effective, creative solutions for small business start-ups.
I am a firm believer in making what I do as accessible cost wise as I can make it. I truly believe that all business should be able to afford to get the foundations right as it is investment at this stage that is a good indicator of success.
Invest wisely in things and people that add value to your business.
Talk to me, let's see if we can find creative, cost effective solutions for your business and its future.

Original Art / Art Prints

Original art created in a variety of different mediums.
My art style is eclectic in the extreme. I haven't settled on a particular style, yet, although some themes are emerging... This site contains access to original, one of a kind, art pieces. If you see something you like and want to know more, or if you'd like to chat to get a clearer picture of the piece and whether it would 'fit' in your space, just give me a call or drop me a message. It's what I'm here for.
All of my original art is available in print form. I have taken the decision, at this point, not to limit the print run on any of the originals, as I want every I do to be as accessible, cost wise, as I can make it.
There is no point producing art if the people who love it can't afford to buy it.

Business Mentoring

Providing support and guidance to fellow creatives and small business owners who recognise the importance of getting it right from day one.
Sometimes it can be hard to see the wood for the trees... You are passionate about your idea, but don't know how or where to start. Or, you may be a creative who produces handmade items, but you've not yet taken the leap from a hobby to a business and don't know how or if you should.
Whatever your situation, I can help.

Aimee Love Image

Creatively filing spaces with photographic prints.

Carolyn Hammond Art produces photographic prints and mixed media artwork, alongside more traditional media. As a result, something truly magical can be created.
If you have a photograph of a series of images that need enhancing or extending/modifying in someway - perhaps for a special birthday or event, just message me with your ideas and I will see if I can help.

Visit the Carolyn Hammond Art You Tube Channel

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Developing an understanding of your needs sits at the heart of everything I do. This ensures that I create something that represents and has meaning for you and your business - that is what branding, logo design and mentoring should be about.

"You are unique - work with someone who sets out to understand that and everything else will fall into place."
LinkedIn Profile & CV rewrite

"I was having trouble getting my CV to stand out in the job market until Carolyn Hammond helped me articulate it and wrote the best CV I have ever had. Following her advice and rewrite, I was able to stand out in the volume job market and gain interviews - my CV was at last impressive and got me through the door. I wasn't out of work for long Thank you Carolyn Hammond!"

The Wedding Chauffeur

"I found Carolyn to be an excellent Business Mentor, always giving prompt, straight-forward, precise and thorough guidance and feedback, with appropriate encouragement." PHILIP JONES (now proprietor of an award winning Wedding Chauffeur Car Hire business)

Shropshire Electrical Solutions LTD

"We initially hired Carolyn to produce a bespoke brand image for our newly formed Company. We then secured her design services for our website, logo, business cards and stationery and in addition, she worked for us for 12 months as a freelance Business Mentor to ensure we were covering all the bases as a newly formed Limited Company. Carolyn combines her business acumen with her creative talents and she provided us with an excellent service. We highly recommend her and what she does. JOHN MADDISON, Company Director

Logo Design

"As a new business with virtually no start up funding, I can't believe how many graphics Carolyn Hammond was able to produce for me in such a short time scale, from what was a very broad brief. The fact that original art has been built into the design, together with the inclusion of my new baby as the base image is so special to me. I cannot recommend Carolyn Hammond highly enough. From a brief conversation she intuitively created an image which was perfect!"
MELISSA, The Wilde Ones

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Carolyn Hammond works creatively with small businesses and homeowners like you every single day...

On your walls at home

Your personal space.

Carolyn Hammond Art offers affordable original art solutions for your home. Whether it’s buying a piece that already exists, or you commission something unique for your space, the possibilities to create something unique and exciting exists here.

Contact me today to discuss your needs and take the first step towards creating something special for your home.


On your walls at work

Your business space.

Carolyn Hammond works creatively with small businesses to create and develop their brand image. She also works with more established businesses who recognise the need to establish or extend their brand reach.

From unique logo design to sourcing/producing art for business interiors, Carolyn Hammond covers it all.


Business Mentoring

Carolyn Hammond works with small business owners, just like you every day. Small businesses owners and those who just have the smallest gem of an idea or dream but don’t know where to start. 

If you have a dream of developing a business idea into something sustainable, business mentoring could be the opportunity to gain a focus and understanding that you’ve been looking for. Through business mentoring you could lay the foundations for your future and it is through the laying of good, solid business foundations that businesses flourish and grown. Don’t flounder in the long grass, reach out and build your capacity through business mentoring.

Contact me today for further information. Let’s chat about what’s possible.

Mentoring Offers

Professional, intuitive, business minded and creative... a powerful package.
Business Mentoring
Kick Start
  • One-to-one e-mentoring session
  • Follow-up email Covering session content and action points
  • 50% off Monthly mentoring plan
  • Responsive & Reliable Service
Business Mentoring
Monthly Plan

  • Up to 2 hours E-mentoring
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Fast & Responsive
  • First Class Customer Support

What's the bottom line here?

“Carolyn Hammond Art exists to support your creative aspirations, whatever they may be.”

From a home decor point of view this site has original art and art prints for sale at the click of a button and I also take commissions. If you’d like to talk through anything your considering buying, just arrange an appointment and we can chat about your needs, colour schemes, locations etc. It couldn’t be simpler and it’s what I’m here for.

From a business point of view I’m here to support small businesses and start ups. I’ve been one myself and know how hard it can be to get going. Particularly without significant funding. My support covers graphic design/logo design, brand extension, workspace decoration and business mentoring. 

Business Mentoring can mean the difference between success and failure especially during the start up or idea generation phase. I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs as a Business Mentor under the Government’s Enterprise Allowance Scheme and I now work on a freelance basis, which gives me greater flexibility to help in a multitude of ways. 

Let’s chat further and see how I can help you.


Carolyn Hammond

Creative Lead, Carolyn Hammond Art

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Case Study – the Wilde Ones
The idea for 'The Wilde Ones' came from Melissa's love of working with fabric and her design to turn, what was essentially a hobby, into a home=based business.

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